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At present, there are thousands of wire harness processing enterprises in China, and the competition is fierce. In order to obtain competitive capital, wire harness enterprises attach great importance to the construction of hardware facilities, such as increasing the research and development of wire harness processing equipment. At the same time, the company's core competitiveness and corporate culture have formed its own unique cultural connotations. It plans and promotes the image of the enterprise, creates and improves the development atmosphere of the enterprise, expands and strengthens the soft and hard power of the enterprise, enriches and activates the carrier of corporate culture in many aspects, and initially establishes a relatively complete set of carriers. The advanced enterprise culture system has provided vitality for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Market economy is changing rapidly. With the diversified development of customer demand, wire harness manufacturers will attach great importance to the study of wire harness Market segmentation, in order to find their own market. The subdivision of wire harness market involves the analysis of many complicated problems. In order to see the law of market economy operation through the appearance of the market, it needs the close cooperation of various departments of enterprises. In a word, if you want to occupy the market by means of segmentation, it is not only for packaging, but also for precise analysis of the market, to find the right way to communicate and sales.

If the wire harness industry wants to develop and achieve a breakthrough, it must upgrade the level of the enterprise and the whole industry, and take relevant countermeasures. Wire harness manufacturers must first solve the following problems if they want to be bigger.

Wire harness enterprises should constantly innovate in technology and always regard innovation as the soul of enterprise competitiveness. According to the needs of the target market, enterprises need to provide a complete set of solutions from the technical support during the early development of products, to the quality and cost control of products in production, to the provision of late service and maintenance.

The wiring industry should be further integrated and restructured to make the scale structure more reasonable. At present, there are thousands of wire harness manufacturers in China. Most of them lack advanced management system, which leads to the confusion of wire harness industry management. Therefore, we need to strengthen exchanges in the same industry to ensure the integration and orderly operation of the wire harness industry.

To occupy the market with "low price advantage" is the common practice of Chinese enterprises including wire harness enterprises. In a particular period, the low price advantage can be achieved. But to make the business bigger and stronger, the low price advantage will not work. Domestic wire harness enterprises need to rethink the direction of self-development, should abandon the use of China's low-cost labor and low-cost advantages, but to adopt high value-added technological advantages.

An important reason for the conservative management concept of wire harness enterprises in China and the low market operation ability is that the decision makers of enterprises do not know much about advanced management theory and market economics theory. Enterprise decision-makers must be familiar with advanced management concepts, have a good level of economic theory, theory can be practical.

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